Welcome back

I'm about to finish the transition to a brand new OpenBSD instance and blogging engine.

In the past this blog was mainly about techie things I've done in my spare time. While I will still post about stuff I'd like to keep as recipes for myself (e.g. the above mentioned transition), I will also start to share some photos (got into photography recently) and hopefully find some time and motivation to write about other hobbies and the occasional journey. Stay tuned!

Update 2017-07-10 - Basics

Activating and deactivating your virtual environment

Go to your virtualenv root directory and activate it

source ./bin/activate

To return to your normal working environment


from anywhere.

Keeping stuff up-to-date

To keep your virtualenv updated, pip-review is the way to go:

pip-review --local --interactive

Update 2017-09-19 - Change the default compiler

To change the default compiler, just reorder the POSTS and PAGES dictionaries in conf.py, in my case from I was looking for a solution to that problem for a while, the solution came by accident, only because I happened to be in the Netherlands by the time I started looking into the issue again (one of the top hits being that .nl site). I think there is room for improvement in Google's localization, which I thought I had disabled, I might add.